Posted on Sep 27, 2019

Deanna Addison Photography

15 Types Of Photography Genres In Spring TX

There are various careers today that are not directly related to photography, yet they do require professional photographic skills in order to complete. In the world that we live in today that is so connected to social media, more and more workers use photographs that they have taken and share these experiences to form a part of their work or jobs.

1. Event Photography

Event photography is one of the fast-paced and dynamic ways to earn some money using your camera. Whether you prefer crazy and wild rock concerts or corporate events, event photography can work in a range of different settings. The styles for event photography frequently involve combinations of portraiture and photo-journalistic documentary work. Some organizations use event photographs for the purposes of publicity, while other businesses use party photographs in the form of keepsakes or souvenirs.

2. Wedding Photography

Some people will never hire a professional photographer, but when it comes to weddings just about everyone will hire a wedding photographer for their special day. The career of wedding photographers often involves a vibrant combination of event photography and portraiture over a range of different groups and settings.

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