Posted on Aug 4, 2019

Deanna Addison Photography

10 Photography Tips for Maternity Poses That Stand Out In Houston

They say that the best maternity photos should be taken outdoor – but this has been repeatedly proven wrong. Regardless of the location, maternity shoots can be done both indoors and outdoors and still yield breathtaking photos to add to your collection. It is just a matter of choosing a variety of foolproof poses focusing on the bump. Doing it properly will give the mother long-lasting memories for her to remember and cherish for the rest of her life.

Did you know that the pose may also may a huge impact and can determine whether the photo will turn out okay – or great? Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, here are 10 tips that you can take away to help with posing to have maternity photos that will stand out.

1. Do Not Focus On The Face And Arms – Focus On The Bump

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing to experience and cherish, but aside from the glow and the new bubba that’s about to be introduced into the world in a few months, this also means that the mother may experience some swelling in some body parts, including her arms, legs, and face. When doing maternity shoots, which usually takes place on the 7th to 9th month of their pregnancy when the belly is rounder, remember to keep those arms away from the body.

Making them bend a little and keeping the face away from the body makes them appear less fuller than they actually are.

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