Posted on Aug 4, 2019

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Tips For Houston Kids Photoshoot

As professional photographers, we’ve seen it all when it comes to kids’ behavior. From the camera shy to the rambunctious, we’re prepared to take kids in stride and do our best to capture their personalities when they come in for a shoot. A lot of parents find preparing for a photoshoot to be stressful. We understand! There’s a lot of effort invested on your part: booking the photographer, corralling the whole family together, picking the best outfits, and making sure everybody’s scrubbed up for the big day. Want to make your photoshoot a fun experience that produces some outstanding pictures? Here are our best tips on the subject:

1) Make Comfort Your First Priority In Picking Kids’ Outfits

The best photographer in the world isn’t going to be able to hide the fact that a child finds his or her clothing uncomfortable. You may have a perfect outfit in mind, but if the cutesy hair clip or adorable bow tie that completes the look drives your kid nuts? Take it from us: You get better pictures from happy kids than from fancy outfits.

Take the current season into consideration when you pick out your kids’ clothes. Dress them in something that won’t be too cold or too hot.

To keep the day of the shoot hassle-free, make all of your clothing choices as far in advance as possible.

2) Fill Everybody Up & Bring Snacks With You

Hungry kids can add real headaches to a family photo session.

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