Posted on Sep 5, 2019

Deanna Addison Photography

Photography Tips For Spring TX Newborn Babies

Photography for newborn babies may seem like something that is easy, yet for photographers that have tried it, in most cases it is a difficult and scary task. To begin with, unlike an adult, a newborn baby cannot follow instructions, while handling a fragile and small baby requires the utmost experience and care.

However, it is also a very fulfilling and exciting project to undertake for most photographers. Here are few useful tips for newborn photography which will help you along with the infant have a much easier time while you are on set.

Keep The Baby Comfortable & Safe

Keeping the infant safe all the time needs to be your most important priority. Keep in mind that these little infants have only just left the womb a few days before. They have no to very little control over their bodies, while their bones and skulls are also very fragile. Many of the shots taken of newborn babies include propping the baby up on a small bassinet a few feet away from the ground. Yet these props need to be tested and weighed so that it won’t fall or tip over once you place the baby on it.

It is also helpful if you take an experienced assistant or baby-photoshoot photographer with you who will know how to move the infant carefully into several different poses that are comfortable without the baby falling over or waking the infant up. It is also very important to ensure the baby feels warm and snug all the time.

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