Posted on Sep 27, 2019

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Safety Tips For Comfortable Newborn Baby Photo Sessions In Houston

Newborn photography comes with a lot of responsibility because parents are trusting you with their tiny, new baby. While you want to take pictures that the family will cherish for a lifetime, you also want to be as safe as possible. The baby should also be kept as comfortable as possible during the shoot.

Planning & Practicalities Of Newborn Photography

The babies you will work with when doing newborn shoots will be between 5 and 10 days old. Baby’s of this age will be very sleepy which makes them easier to work with. They are also fairly flexible and willing to be moved as you need. When they get older, they will get more control of their limbs which makes them prone to wiggling out of the pose you have placed them in. This will make it harder to get the pictures that you want.

When you schedule these sessions, you need to be flexible. You should try talking to the parents before the shoot about timing and what they should expect from the session. In the best cases, when the baby arrives, the parents will be calm and know what is going to happen and how to contact you for the final scheduling.

Tasks For The Morning Of The Session

It is best to plan for a sleeping baby. Most photographers will rely on the baby sleeping and being willing to submit to the poses that you want as well as the outfit changes and interactions for the shoot.

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