Posted on Mar 15, 2020

Deanna Addison Photography

8 Reasons Families Should Do Professional Family Portraits In Spring TX

Having photographed a great number of families over the years at Deanna Addison Photography, we have observed that these families set time apart to do a professional family portrait because they have been triggered by various events happening in their lives. The main goal is usually the same for all of them, to portray the idea of “One Happy Family”. As simple as this idea may sound, it can be viewed in different ways.

There are different situations or events for each individual and family that may give them reasons to get a family portrait. We have put together the 8 most likely reasons families do professional portraits.

1. To Celebrate Major Milestones In Life

A very common reason people come in for professional photoshoot is to celebrate the milestones they have achieved in their lives such as birthdays, a wedding anniversary, a new addition to the family, having a newborn, a wedding or celebrating someone’s graduation.

Let’s not forget about baby milestones where they can finally lift their heads by themselves, lie on their tummies at around three months, sit up, crawl, or stand at around 6-9 months. Their 1-year-old-party is a big event when they are walking and running on their own while their parents run around frantically after them with a lot of joy. These moments are important to many people, and many would want to remember their lives with them.

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