Posted on Jul 10, 2019

Deanna Addison Photography

15 Best Poses To Photograph Families In Houston

Photographing families is a very broad concept. These days, families may include a number of different people. Families without any children, families with several children, or single parents.

The photo session may also include additional individuals such as grandparents. This will take all your creativity and energy from all of your prior portrait photography experience.

To make your work as a family photographer easier, the following is a list of 15 family portrait poses that are my personal favorites.

1. Stay in a Single Location

It may be tempting to move around to different places after you have a good shot. However, that wastes time since you will have to change your settings and get the new environment composed into your shot.

When you limit your shoot to just a few places, then it will give you more time for experimentation. When you move your subject around it will provide you with different backgrounds that you can work with.

2. Details Also Count

You will end up with artistic photos if you focus on the feet and crop the image. The family members should stand close to one another. We recommend arranging the children in between the parents so that it emphasizes the difference between the kids and adults.

3. Change Perspectives

You need to crouch and point your camera up for this pose. Have the parents stand next to you and hold the baby and then have them look down in the...

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